I have designed and taught introductory courses in political theory, modern European thought, and in the modern history of republicanism. In addition to these general courses, I am interested in teaching more specialized classes on the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory, the political history of the emotions, early modern humanism, theories of freedom, and conceptions of property.

Courses taught as instructor

UCLA Political Science Department

UCLA General Education Cluster

Courses taught as assistant

UCLA Political Science Department

  • Introduction to Political Theory, with Brian Esparza Walker, Winter 2015; with Davide Panagia, Fall 2015; with Joshua Dienstag, Winter 2016

  • Introduction to American Politics, with Thomas Schwartz, Fall 2014

  • Citizenship and Public Engagement, with Brian Esparza Walker, Spring 2015

  • Ancient and Medieval Political Thought, with Giulia Sissa, Spring 2016

General Education Cluster

  • History of Modern Thought, Fall 2016-Winter 2017; Fall 2017-Winter 2018